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St Barnabas is a multi-generational church, where children and young people are a vital part of our community. God used children in many ways to spread his messages of love and, at St Barnabas, we believe that every child is special and we aim to support and nurture children, as they begin to explore their faith and relationship with God.

We have a variety of different ministry groups for the children and young people at St Barnabas:

  • Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry is a chance for primary aged children to meet, read stories from the bible, pray, play and craft together. This gives children chance to learn from the bible and to ask questions and respond and reflect in a number of different ways.

  • Messy Church is a way of being church for families and others. It is Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. Messy church at St Barnabas welcomes all children and families of all ages on a Friday afternoon to sing, dance, listen to stories, pray and craft. Messy Christmas and Messy Easter are also chances for children and their families to further learn about the Christmas and Easter story in a fun, engaging way.

  • Youth Group is a chance for secondary aged children to go deeper into their faith, to ask those big questions and to have lots of fun in the process! Our youth group meets once a week in the evening for a mixture of bible studies, games, social meetups and support around exam seasons.

At St Barnabas, we also have very close links with the schools in the community. Our popular Open the Book team go into schools on a regular basis to share stories from the bible with the children and staff at our local schools. Our children and young people have also had the chance to further explore their faith and their relationship with God at events such as Spree and New Wine.


Our Children & Families Ministry is led by Sarah.
If you have any questions or you'd like to find out more then please contact her at