As citizens of the earth and of God’s kingdom we have the responsibility of looking after our environment. We can see God at work just by studying the world around us. Each of us can make a difference by doing small things such as managing a small part of our garden for wildlife, or putting up bird boxes or providing plants that are beneficial for insects and their predators.

St Barnabas church is part of the Eco Church initiative administered by A Rocha and are pleased to have achieved the Bronze Award in January 2021. We are now working towards the silver award by reviewing our worship and management of buildings and grounds. We have recently planted a wildflower grassland in the church grounds and are planning new areas for wildlife and quiet reflection. You can hear Ian talking about the project in the video below.


 We encourage everyone in our local community to minimise waste and consider how they can contribute to the great diversity of life on God’s earth. There are great ideas on what you can do to improve your garden for wildlife on the BBC Wildlife Website. You can find out more about A Rocha’s work for God’s earth  and the Eco Church programme.


Eco-Church is led by Ian 
If you'd like to find out more or you'd like to get involved, then contact him on