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Find out more about how to book and what's on!
Whether you are looking to book a celebration or to find a venue for your business, St Barnabas has a range of venues to explore. Take a look at the Halls and Church or keep scrolling to find out  how to book and what's currently taking place in the halls!
How to book
Take a look at our different venues to see which you think would best suit your needs. If you are unsure, then feel free to get in contact and we can talk through the options. In non-pandemic times, it would also be possible for you to visit the venues to get a better idea of what we can offer. 
Get in touch with Marge (our office administrator) by emailing office@stbarnabasgloucester.org.uk or by completing the form at the top of the page. It would be helpful if you could let her know what venue you are thinking about and your ideal dates and times. If there is a pre-existing booking then we can look at alternative dates with you. Once your booking is agreed, you will be asked to fill in the booking form and to read the conditions of hire. You can download this from the page or Marge will be able to send it to you directly. A deposit will then be taken and your booking is confirmed! For more details on the deposit, please read the booking form documents. 
That's it! Any questions about the booking process, just get in touch. 
Regular Users
You are a "regular user" if you are planning on using one of our venues long term (e.g. weekly). We will advertise your booking on this page.
Casual Users
You are a "casual user" if you want to use one of our venues on a "one-off" basis, perhaps for a specific event or party. You may also be planning on using the venue more regularly in the future but you want to try it out first!
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Find out what's going on in the halls and church and get in touch with the organiser to find out how you can join. 


Lambert Hall: 17:30-18:30 Fitsteps with Annet 07811304684

                       19:00-20:00 Yoga with Annet 07811304684

Martin Hall: 10:00-12:00 Flower Arranging Class, GlosCol.


Lambert Hall: 18:15-19:30 Brownies Sarah Kirby 

                       19:30-21:00 Guides Val Thomas

 2nd Tuesday  19:30-21:30 Glevum WI   http://www.glevumwi.blogspot.com

Martin Hall: 


Lambert Hall: 09:30-11:30 Tiny Tots

                       17:30-18:30 Yoga with Annet 07811304684

                       19:00-20:30 Clarinet Group

Martin Hall: 16:30-19:30 Sue Tomlin School of Dance  (01452) 303269


Lambert Hall: 18:15-19:30 Cubs Steph Williams

                       19:30-21:15 Scouts Alistair Holyhead  alistair.holyhead@gloscouts.co.uk


Martin Hall: 17:30-18:30 Beavers Roy Stoves

                     19:30-21:00 Explorers James Philip


Lambert Hall: 17:15-20:00 Sue Tomlin School of Dance  (01452) 303269

Martin Hall: 


Lambert Hall: 10:30-13:30 Sue Tomlin School of Dance  (01452) 303269 

Martin Hall: 10:30-13:00 Sue Tomlin School of Dance   (01452) 303269