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Everyone is welcome at St Barnabas regardless of if you have never been to church, are looking to find a home church or just visiting! There is usually a Welcomer on the door who can answer any questions you may have. Keep an eye on the weekly news sheet for additional services and other events that take place in church. 

Children and Young People are welcome in all services. We have a carpeted area at the back of church, which usually has some activities that anyone can do during the service. Our children's group "Sparks" meets on the 4th Sunday of the month over in the hall.

We have a car park and two disabled parking spots. There is an accessible entrance just down the path to the right of the main doors.


Tea and Coffee is served after the 10:30am service and we have an accessible toilet, including baby changing facilities. Gluten Free wafers are available every Sunday - just ask when you get to the front.  

First Sunday

- 8.00am: Said Communion 

- 10.30am: Together for Communion 


Second Sunday

- 10.30am: All Age Communion


Third Sunday

- 8.00am: Said Communion

- 10.30am: Morning Worship 

- 11.45am: Said Communion


Fourth Sunday 

- 10.30am: Together for Communion + Sparks Children's Group in the halls

Find out more about Children, Young People and Families 

Christians believe it is important to gather together as the family of God to worship on Sundays and on other days of the week. At St Barnabas we do this in many ways.  When we do, we celebrate all that God is and all God has done. We give thanks that we are part of God’s family, loved, accepted and safe in God’s care.  When we gather to worship we praise God using words of praise and by singing together.  We read, listen and discuss the Bible and what it has to say to us.  We share communion at God’s table.  We pray for ourselves, for those we love and for the needs of the world. 

Christians believe that we are called to live in a way that worships God. As we live a life of worship, we deepen relationships with God as we open our lives and hearts in praise. Christians are called to live this life every day and we are reminded of this when we pray the Lord's Prayer, the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray. Worship helps us to recognise who God really is and opens our hearts to what is good. Worship helps us to have direction and place our lives, our stories within God's story.

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